(517): Look, we all have our slutty phases. Mine is just forever.

(910): Just when I thought this night couldn’t get any worse, my dad sang and dedicated Sexual Healing to me at kareoke night.

(304): You were in the bathroom for two hours practicing “Revenge Faces”.

(260): you called me and cried until i agreed to record a rap about our lives with you

(337): He woke me up by trying to shove oreos in my mouth. im ready to go home now

(307): i wanted to be an indian when i was a child. apparently you cannot grow up to be an indian.

(403): i told my boss i want to eat her tits. 90 percent sure i’m getting fired

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(310): If I’m going to go gay, i’m not going to go for a tiny dick.

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(814): What’s your middle initial? I need it for the census. I put us down as “unmarried partners.”
(423): Oh my god… you’re gay. Ps, its A.
(814): No no. According to the 2010 US Census, we’re gay.